Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Potential Sighting - Near Poe Middle School

Three of the last four weeks, sighting calls have come in for Griffy, and it's great to see that people still have their eyes open. But in each case, we were able to rule them out before we could even get the blog updated.

Yesterday, a sighting call came in that we can't rule out. Hopefully, this will prove to be Griffy, and he will be reunited with Gail soon. Keep your fingers crossed, and also keep your eyes open in particular if you are in the general area of Poe Middle School. It's off Backlick Road, between Little River Turnpike and Braddock Road. He, or an at large dog resembling him if it wasn't him, was seen in that area on Monday, April 26th. We want to get that area canvassed, cards handed out, and fliers posted. Any way you can help spread the word is appreciated.

Here's a map of the track that was run from the sighting location:

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Generous Offer of Help From A Kind Stranger

This past weekend, a kind benefactor -- unknown to Gail or anyone else involved in the search for Griffy -- has stepped forward to offer to fund a thousand dollar reward for Griffy's safe return. This is great news that just may make the difference, and help bring Griffy home. Knowing that another dog who has been missing for a year in the Prince Georges County area came home this past weekend thanks to a large reward, this generous offer brings new hope.

If there's one best way to really spread the word of a lost dog to as many homes as possible, it is and has always been by way of the media. But it's hard to compete for a piece of that pie, what with plenty of other dogs lost at any given time. Gail's immediate response has been to begin reaching out to the media, knowing that the kindness of this stranger is something that TV news viewers and newspaper readers want to read about. As of this update, she has connected with channels 5 and 9, and hopefully her channel 4 contact (who covered Griffy's story during the snowstorm in February) will be able to help her, too. But channel 7 has been elusive! Do you have any contacts at WJLA, channel 7 news that you can put Gail in touch with? If Griffy's story can get airtime and printspace in enough/every media outlet in the area, that should go a very long way towards pushing the word all the way to someone that may have taken Griffy in, and not know how to find his owner.

Please speak up if you know anyone that can help get Griffy's story, and that of the kindness of strangers, on any TV news program and/or in any newspaper.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Status of the Search for Griffy

While the hope that Griffy will be found is still intact, the kind of hopeful optimism and enthusiasm that is needed to keep the search active and working on a daily basis has faded with the passage of time since the last sighting. If you've ever lost a pet that stayed missing for weeks or months, you probably know how hard it is to continue searching when there have been no sightings for weeks.

Also at play for Gail (Griffy's mom) are a couple of other priorities that were not issues for the first couple of months of the search. So, even if it weren't so hard for her to keep her spirits up, there is less time to now that she is able to devote each day to the search for Griffy. Here are words of appreciation expressed by Gail on the Find Griffy Facebook Group, on April 1st:

"I just wanted to thank all of the volunteers who have cared, supported and aided me in the search for Griffy. You are all very special people. I will be forever greatful. I know in my heart we have done everything possible to find him and bring him home. Please keep my little guy in your mind and heart. Maybe... someday he and I will be reunited,then my heart/soul will be whole once again. Griffy I will always love you. To whoever has my fuzzy son--PLEASE love and take excellant care of him. If you do have a conscience and you have a change of heart deciding to return Griffy to me, I will be greatful and never ask any questions. Remember- there is a sizeable reward for Griffy's return."

Many of the volunteers that were able to assist with the search in various ways (including fliering and other outreach activities) during February and March are still available to respond to sightings if there are any.

Any help -- of any kind -- that is offered by readers of this blog is appreciated; just contact Gail directly.

If there are any more sightings, and certainly if Griffy is found, this blog will be updated right away.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Still Looking For Griffy

Friday marked nine weeks since Griffy went missing - the longest nine weeks ever. I know that lots of dogs have gone missing for longer than that and still made their way home, but it sure is hard to get through the days wondering where he is, what he's thinking, where he's sleeping, what he's eating, and just when he'll get back home.

For most of the time he's been gone, we've tried to spread the word all over Annandale, and now we are trying to take the message further out - in all directions. Please tell anyone you know to be on the looking for Griffy; telling only the people that live, work and travel through Annandale won't do any more. Everyone in Northern Virginia -- and beyond -- needs to know: if they see a dog that looks anything at all like Griffy, whether he's walking around or being walked by someone, please, please call the number at the top of this page.